Sunday, April 29, 2012

An Apple for Teacher

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Felt Book Covers from Old Yarn Girls

Old Yarn Girls:  Weeble Girl Book Cover
Old Yarn Girls: Tree Lovers Book Cover

Old Yarn Girls:  Cup of Cozy Book Cover

We have slowly but surly been adding new items to our Etsy Shop and are pleased to show off our newest collection of Felt Book Covers. All of our covers are handmade with various felts, repurposed fabrics and vintage/repurposed buttons.  If your novels are looking for something nice to wear this spring season, be sure to click through and see what's new.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bottle Cap Key Chains by Old Yarn Girls

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Click for Jessi Kirby's Blog

Well, we were recently asked by author Jessi Kirby to come up with a tchotchke-type something for the release of her new novel In Honor due out this May.  Of course we had already read the book long ago, so after some brainstorming on the storyline, the Old Yarn Girls came up with this totally-revelvent-to-the- story-themed-keychain. The Keychain incorporates the red boots featured on the cover, maps from Arizona to California, the keychain to tie in the road trip journey and the bottle cap to give that All-American feel you enjoy throughout the story.  Check out Kirby's Blog for more book details and Page Girl's Page for the  book review.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Slouchy Pom Pom Hats by the Old Yarn Girls

Pom Pom Slouch Hat made
from a vintage bed sheet
Pom Pom Slouch Hat
Finally our new Pom Pom Slouch Hats, made by Amanda, are being posted on our Etsy Shop. She was up sewing late at night with a beret pattern she found from the 60's in a Thrift Store and a collection of fabrics either bought new on a recent trip to England or repurposed from old skirts, aprons, sheets and dress shirts.

Here you see the beret being fashioned in the popular slouchy style of today.

P.S. And yes I know you were wondering, the Pom Poms are handmade too.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Old Yarn Girls Try Out The Flea Market

SO the Old Yarn Girls tried out our first Flea Market in Ventura California this weekend.  We were up at 3 a.m. with the cars packed and loaded and set off in the dark.  It was freezing cold and the wind was whipping.  But, by the time the sun rose and the Flea Market opened at 7a.m. we were set up and feeling good.

We definatly learned some things, such as a canopy cover is great for drizzily rain or blistering sun, but not so great for gusty gale force winds.  At one point I think we almost blew away.  We had to make some alterations to our outdoor shop as the day went on, but sometimes you just have to move where the wind takes you.

We talked to people, sold some things, shopped for ourselves and had a good time being together.  A special thank you to Brian, Jamel and Bella who helped out that day, you were our anchors, literally!  And we can't forget to mention all of the dads that cooked us dinner and were the key baby wranglers for the day!  The Old Yarn Girls could not have done it without you!